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Mark Huey PSA

May 6th, 2013

Get Your Skin checked


High Road In Lower Class Ep13

March 30th, 2012

Bill Todd and Big Al Reno get back together to catch up once again after a small break and shoot the shit about what is happening in the world and locally they toast one up to an extraordinary man, Bill Rolig  that we all lost.


The Guinea Tee Rules

March 29th, 2012

111013_k_conn.jpgBy Tony Russo

It came to my attention this week that the term “Guinea Tee” is not as widely used as one might think. In fact, by this point half of you are as surprised as I and the other half are awaiting the definition in the next sentence.

A “Guinea Tee” is a sleeveless strap-type tee shirt, also colloquially called a “wife beater”. Since I’ve yet to meet anyone unfamiliar with that phrase, I’m going to assume that you’re all on board. Also, I understand that “Guinea” has epithet status but direct you to the vowel at the end of my byline and ask your forgiveness.

One of our favorite topics on the Todcast is the radical distinction between my co-host Todd DeHart’s love for Ocean City and my, um, less-than-that.

One of my very not-favorite things about the Boardwalk during the summertime are the shirtless men. Now. I’m the kind of guy who should only be shirtless minutes before getting into the ocean but no matter how respectable a body you have, for the love of God, I would prefer to see it under a shirt once the sun sets.

As I was explaining this to Todd, I qualified, saying that even a Guinea Tee wold be preferable to nothing. This is when I learned how few people use this term and when I rose to the challenge of distinguishing between a Guinea Tee and a wife beater — the shirt’s condition.

So for the record and according to the Todcast, a Guinea Tee is clean and white and barely passable as primary torso covering. A wife beater is stained, faded, torn or all three.

Anything with color is a tank top.

Once that was straight I proposed that I might invest in a gross of Guinea Tees and spend the occasional summer night on the Boardwalk passing them out to the shirtless. I’d call myself Guinea Claus.

Moving on.

We also had one of our Gee Williams/Michael Day love-fests. During the State of the Beer Bryan Brushmiller was talking about how Day had helped him with his facade grant (he helps everyone, see Page 1). Todd has taken the Mayor as a potential role-model although he continues to insist that his ultimate plan is to unseat him and takes his place.


Ask the Busboy

March 22nd, 2012

Busboy.jpgBy Tony Russo

This was a good news/bad news kind of week. We shared a lot of cool stories and interesting insights and then I proceeded to edit them out. Among what’s left you’ll find commentary on the unbelievable arrogance the Maryland State Police showed in naming their “enhanced enforcement” for St. Pat’s “Operation Luck o’ the Irish”, the Burley Oak Brewery announcement that they’re producing a special beer that will be like Blue Moon except good, and the possibilities that come from combining darts with ping-pong.

Finally if you ever need rolling papers ask the bus boy.


Déjà vu all over again

March 15th, 2012

111229_todcast.jpgThis week’s Todcast was a mile marker of a sort, and we didn’t even make the connection until after we got started. If you’ve not yet checked out the show, it starts out with Todd DeHart, my co-host, recapping the entertainment events of the weekend followed by the news.

This weekend he helped the guys at Johns Cigar Shop celebrate their first anniversary, which was cool and all, but it also had a direct affect on the second part of the show, where I run through the week’s news.

Just after the cigar shop opened last year, Todd and I did a recording from there and it has the distinction of being the only one by (really, really, really) forgiving bosses had me pull down ever. Three guesses what it was about.

In the wake of the ridiculousness that was the Historic District Commission’s response to the Atlantic Hotel Window debacle, I got a little verbally aggressive (which has never been a problem for my bosses, really) but I also swore as if I were back in Jersey.

So this Todcast is worth listening to just because I mention no names and the care with which I totally don’t even swear, even a little bit. I don’t wanna overdo it, but for people who eschew attention, the HDC sure manages to get a lot of it.

Back to the fun stuff:

So we’re live streaming the Todcast every week now, for any of you who want to see how red my face can actually get as I try and make my points in a calm fashion. On the playback, Todd’s look of incredulity while I’m talking is worth the half-hour of your time alone. If you feel like it, tune in to GCFL.TV at 6 p.m. and be interactive. We’ll tell you how on the video.

We also talked about the Komen kickoff (see Page 14) and the fact that I got a preview of the Baked Desserts cupcakes made with Burley Oak’s chocolate stout. It was tasty. But an other more important part of the story is to round up as many donors and volunteers as we can. This is going to be a good event both for its positive affects and the area’s profile.


Guess who’s coming to dinner?

March 9th, 2012

120216_todcast.jpgA few weeks ago, Todd DeHart and I decided not to worry too much bout getting guests. We didn’t strictly ban the idea but were pretty sure we wouldn’t have too many more guests.

It was under this premise that I invited Rich Liebig, of the “Rich and Doobie Show” podcast to come hang out.

It was under this premise that Todd invited an acting troop performing in Ocean Pines soon to come hang out.

Hilarity ensues.

Take a listen.


High Road In Lower Class Ep 11

March 8th, 2012

Bill Was in a celebratory mood after getting his new hand made Les Paul Guitar.  May be it was not the night to put him under the lights of the todcast Documentary on GCFL.TV


Greetings from the future

March 1st, 2012

120105.jpgBy Tony Russo

As we’ve mentioned here before one of Todd DeHart’s many side gigs is as D.J. for the Party Zone, Saturday nights on Ocean 98. We’ve also mentioned (I believe) that occasionally I will tune in and live tweet his shows from @slmlivetweet. This week the cameras at Seacrets were down so Todd broadcast himself over his laptop and it worked out beautifully.

The reason that that is even mildly relevant is because we claimed we were inventing the future, breaking the metaphorical radio fourth wall and we’ve elected to apply this to the Todcast. This week represented out first run and since you missed it (everyone missed it, it was a secret; don’t feel bad) let me tell you that it worked out well enough that we’re going to make it a regular feature on the Todcast. Tune into GCFL.TV around 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, if you can’t make it down to Burley Oak for the live Todcast, and you can participate.

By participate I mean literally chime in via all the fun social media stuff you are totally into. You can comment correct and inform.

My arm is beginning to hurt from all the back patting, but just real quick: we’re the only ones doing this. Live local entertainment and news commentary and even the occasional spoiler if it’s available and appropriate.

I feel as if it’s inappropriate to commit on a potential urban legend to print so here’s the disclaimer: This Could Very Possibly Be An Urban Legend

We discussed how a colleague of mine attempted and failed to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon. I have never heard that this is considered impossible and remain skeptical. If you want to know who the colleague is or find out how to see the attempt on YouTube, you’re gonna have to tune in for details. This is a colleague I’m kinda scared of so I’ll leave it at that.


Artist Spot Light - Chris Ferron

February 29th, 2012

In June of 2010.  Wes Davis asked me to sit in and MC his New Artist Showcase in Berlin, MD.  One of the the young artist was Chris Ferron.  Chris Came to Salisbury Universty to play football but will be leaving playing his guitar.  Now in his Senior year Chris as a major in Media and a minor in Music.  Playing spots like market street in Salisbury, he is lining up to have a summer full of gigs in the area.

Chris is a fresh face on the music scene and has been writing his own songs for years and shows a good bit of depth in his work.   The covers he plays he makes his own.  Playing Valerie,  the song made famous by Amy Whinehouse,  he takes her soul ful voice and gives it his own raspy treatment .

Chris recent played the Acoustic Lounge with Marla on Ocean 98.  where he recorded this track.  Check him out his is You Tube page


The Heat is On

February 23rd, 2012


More and more often I get cigarette-bust press releases and have spoken about them here and at length before. But during this week’s Todcast, I hit upon a conspiracy theory of such breadth it is certainly as true as it is made up and unconfirmable. The best part is, it gives us the opportunity to get in the Gen Xer way back machine and travel to the mystical and mystifying 1980s.

The increased focus on cigarette tax evaders is really an attempt by law enforcement to discover which cops are rogue enough to still be good guys. Consider Eddy Murphy:

During his overzealous pursuit of cigarette smugglers at the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop, he bent a few rules but saved Detroit (or wherever) a ton of tax money by busting the cigarette baddies. Eventually, through a plot line that still makes sense today, this lead him to a huge drug bust that eventually made California the drug-free zone it is today.

Unfortunately, this was fiction. But — so my made up police thinking goes — if there is a wild cigarette bust made by just the right officer, that officer will solve the nation’s drug problem during his or her “administrative vacation”.

My theory fell on less than interested ears, but when a trooper from the Berlin Barracks is honored for solving the drug problem, remember where you heard it first.

In non-made up news, Todd brought us up to speed on the Pirate Rob Birthday Bash which featured local favorite Bryan Russo (still no relation) among others.

Mark Huey, who is either a member of the audience or a member of the Todcast proper — we’re not 100 percent sure — chimed in with Bryan Brushmiller during the State of the Beer to bring us up to speed on the epic “King of Pong” event at Burley Oak last weekend.

Reports of having a movie star slinging beer were as believable to me as my cigarette conspiracy theory was to them, but live and let live. After all, it’s just the Internet.