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Sk8tr Men

July 14th, 2011

This week Happy Hour was in Ocean City where we hung out at the Ocean Bowl with local skating legends Josh Marlow, Dave Messick and J.T. Hazard.

These are the men who were children back when the Ocean Bowl Skate Park opened up and to hear them talk about it is to recognize how much the place has meant to the local kids. It’s also an insight into the skate culture as it has developed over the decades, producing not only professional skaters but also a skate community that takes community responsibility seriously.

They gave us an insider’s view into the Commotion Down the Ocean charity event to benefit Grind for Life coming up Wednesday, which will be one of the earliest chances to meet some of the world class athletes coming into town for the Dew Tour.

In the news portion I went over the near-mayhem that was last week’s Berlin Bathtub Races citing those courageous few who stood at the very edge of safety for a better glimpse of tubs traveling full bore in the direction of their small children. Anyone who was at the event knows it was a blast and given that there weren’t any injuries, Todd concluded there was no sense in complaining.